We help founders and entrepreneurs (re)define their brand identity based on a conscious business model at different stages of their growth. We deliver solutions in brand equity, positioning, identity, communication and (digital) marketing campaigns. In order to make a clear statement in the international market we shaped the brand strategy of the rising star YOKUU. 

Brand positioning

As in any good story, the hero needs good guidance from a wise character to overcome his quest. And that is exactly what we do when we mentor promising startups. We look for their call to adventure and give them our expertise to determine their brand essence. Together we shaped YOKUU’s brand identity. We gave them their playful spark to begin their heroic journey, overcoming the dungeons & dragons of the international market. Amazon, here they come! With the new baseline YOKUU defines the future of cleaning: Clean less, Live more.

Values / Personality / Mission / Visual Identity /
Tone of Voice / Customer profile

Their new mission? To fill each household with a bottle of our good bacteria. YOKUU is going to become Europe’s first household name for probiotic cleaning.

Digital web presence / online webshop

Next steps: we helped them with their digital marketing presence. We translated YOKUU’s new & fresh wind into a playful, but professional web design. We themed their Shopify account and optimised their online e-shop.

view the result & shop now:

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We coach companies & entrepreneurs to define their brand identity based on their ambitions at any stage of their business. We help them find solutions for their brand positioning, brand equity, communication, (digital) awareness, marketing campaigns and (future) branding.

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