Methodical approach to a layered assignment

Developmental approach is a layered methodology that helps professionals develop meaningfully. This methodology is thoroughly founded by its inspirer, Rudy Vandamme. His constituency is keen to spread this methodology further and the client wants to internationalise. But a strong brand story and image are lacking to back this up professionally. This methodology is profound. To convince, simplicity is the key concept. The client was looking for, as they nicely put it during the briefing, a ‘totem’.
The stakeholders had already gone through a long branding process with several agencies. They were in doubt. The focus was mainly on coming up with a name, baseline and logo, but the right brand story was missing. Cojak was commissioned to solve this brand issue. Our approach proved immediately successful.

Cojak Creates Deep Evolvement

We immediately had an inspiring collaboration with the initiators and our synergy allowed us to strategically expose all bottlenecks quickly. Our brand methodology allowed us to correctly delineate the ambitions and set the right context for the brand during 2 online workshops. The new name and identity had fertile ground to germinate quickly. Deep Evolvement fit like a glove, the ‘totem’ took shape and the brand was further strategically developed. Using the SME portfolio, the client followed our ‘Brand Identity’ training course to master our methodology and brand approach themselves. This allows them to continue working on their own as a fully-fledged brand strategist.

Targeted approach with an international result

Our approach and expertise ensured that we quickly got out of the brand impasse and established the right identity. From strategic workshops to a new Brand ID, a powerful new name to the thread of communication for the right target groups in 2.5 months. The website and communication tools followed subsequently.

Brand strategy / New name & Identity / look & feel / Website & communication tools

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