Rethinking high fashion shoes


Kristel Peters, a Belgian shoe designer wants to make a statement about the ecological damage footware industry. She wants to rethink the way we design shoes and producing them with no waste. She wants to trigger the fashion world and explore new ways of designing shoes: zero waste, circular and modular.

You can discover her story in DOMUS:

Domus, the international reference for architecture, design and urban planning published a full article about her work in the October issue. In our opinion, a strong sign that she is well on her way: respect! We had the honour to write the article. You can find the link below.

Kristel Peters: Growing Shoes



Every year, approximately 21 billion pair of shoes are produced worldwide. 95% arrives after use on the landfill. For Europe only, this means 1,2 million ton a year. This high volume combined with the use of toxic components found in footwear has a tremendous impact on the natural environment and human future. ‘Rethinking High Fashion Shoes’ explores the best options for a designer to create a circular, zero waste, high fashion shoe collection. The role of the designer is of crucial importance in making the eminent match between new technology, low impact materials, service design and LCA. While finding solutions, this research uses a circular model like Cradle to Cradle as the main reference. In order for sustainable shoe design not to go into waste, system thinking is the key.

We made a interactive video to tell her story

To show why her work is so important, we came up with an interactive video. This video allows Kristel to convince both her online and offline audience in an interactive and surprising way about the essence of her research. For instance, she uses this video as a keynote speaker at conferences, it is part of a exposition installation we designed for her and it is a perfect online tool to tell her story on websites and social media. Question: how many choose do you think we throw away each year…? Click to start…




Je suis Alice.

Alice is a modular shoe design in combination with additive manufacturing. Alice offers several opportunities for good and sustainable design. (made to measure, reusing materials, recycling, repairing broken parts, local production.)

Shoe designer Kristel Peters

Kristel Peters is a shoe designer with more then 15 years experience in the international Fashion Industry (fe. Dries Van Noten and Bottega Veneta). Currently, she is working on this project at KASK, University College Ghent (BE), exploring sustainable shoe-design. She is particularly interested and in search for sustainable ways of shoe making and new materials with low / no impact. Her work is a combination of craftmanship and state-of-the-art technologyBekijk hier de reportage die VRT maakte over haar werk.


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