Making a leading European brand of office supplies meaningful.

Q-CONNECT® leaves a mark for the next generation

Q-CONNECT® is one of Europe’s leading brands of office and business supplies, used daily in over 20 countries. “This position gives us the responsibility, but also the opportunity, to ensure we protect the environment for future generations. In order to do so, we will reposition our brand around sustainability and focus on the whole supply chain, from start to finish.” – the B.O.D.

6 European members work together on their sustainable ambitions

The Q-CONNECT® management assigns Cojak the job to guide them and their European members on this long-term journey to make their mark. In order to do that, they first had to look in the proverbial mirror. Because we believe in the power of participation, we laid the foundations and defined their CSR targets during an intensive workshop with representatives of Q-CONNECT®’s 6 shareholders in Frankfurt: EVO Group, Lider Papel, PBS holding, Plaisio, Waser and Wulff supplies. We laid the brand foundations and defined their Sustainable Development Goals.

The result of this collaboration allows Q-CONNECT® to set goals for their value chain in the next years, including assessments and innovations, in order to enable sustainable growth and learning as a brand.

It is our job to coach the management team to actively integrate sustainability into the business operations of the members and into Q-CONNECT®’s core brand identity. That is a very important exercise not only for INTERACTION, but also for all members, as it will have long term effects.

First ouput: Q-CONNECT®’s charter for their ecological and social responsability

As soon as this idea gained momentum, the  Board of Directors was … well, on board about publishing a business intention statement as the first important step in our Corporate and Social Responsibility journey.

“I am impressed with this charter. It really hits the right note and is well presented. I’m sure it will be useful to everyone in their marketplaces and help to drive sales of the brand whist achieving some good at a time when the demand for it is on the rise. I’m really pleased to have been part of the process…”
Julie Hadley
– CSR & Social Value Manager| Banner

A longterm brand strategy

This charter is the beginning of a long-term branding exercise. We decided to tackle this important and meaningful brand question in 3 phases:
1. Do an internal branding exercise to give sustainability a central role in Q-CONNECT®’s long-term brand positioning => uniformity & sustainability local/common assortment
2. Redefine their brand identity and position Q-CONNECT®  => Solid brand identity & uniformity in communication/marketing
3. Develop a marketing strategy and create communication campaigns for all European members => long term client commitment, confidence in their choice.

A meaningful journey

“An important part of our sustainability journey will be transparent communication about the ups and downs throughout the process. We want to encourage our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, but we also want to learn from them. Optimising the sustainability of a value chain requires a collaborative approach and mutual support. We’re all in this together.”

We are off on a dedicated mission to let Q-CONNECT® make a mark for the next generation…

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