Pino, positioning a startup

Pet’s improve our lives,
so let’s improve theirs too…

Startups have big dreams. Turning these into meaningful ambitions and a clear mission are key to a successful, long-term brand journey. At Cojak, we understand the challenges they face, coach them and fill in their question marks: like how do I turn my brand into a success story and how do we adapt in such a fast-moving world? 

Guiding Pino on their brand journey

In any good story, the hero needs good guidance from a wise character to overcome his quest. And that is exactly what we do when we mentor startups. We look for their call to adventure and give them our expertise to determine their brand essence. We gave Pino the right brand personality and the boon to begin their heroic journey, overcoming the dungeons & dragons of the market.

Brand compass

The Brand Compass we designed is Pino’s magic bone to write their best-selling pet story. 🦴

Pino, Precious Pet Accessories

The core of the brand story lies in the founder’s real-life experience and her belief that:

Pets make us better people:

“All my life I have lived in a happy home, surrounded by pets and animals. I am constantly inspired by the harmony, joy and unconditional love they bring. And, of course, that love is mutual. I can’t imagine life without them. Every day I am lifted by their loving presence. The gentle nudge of a wet nose, the unbidden lick of a hand when I’m feeling down, a long, restorative walk after a hard day’s work…

At Pino, we know you feel the same. As proud pet owners, we are beginning to appreciate our companion animals for the loving and sentient creatures they are, and to understand that they truly love us, as proven by science. For these reasons our pets really do deserve human-grade food and accessories, a warm and safe home for rest and fun, plenty of exercise and our unconditional love and attention. The mere fact that we are ever more willing to provide these things shows the good side of our human nature. At Pino, we believe that pets make us better people. Indeed, Pino was founded to give pet owners the chance to give something special back to their animals.”

Off they go …

Make your mark.

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