a pan-European marketing campaign

Q-CONNECT® celebrates its 25thanniversary and launches its sustainable product range through a pan-European marketing campaign.

25 years ago, INTERACTION, the pan-European alliance of business supplies distributors, introduced Q-CONNECT, Europe’s brand of choice for reliable and affordable workplace solutions.  This jubilee marks the beginning of a new era. Our position as a leading company confers responsibility upon us to do our best for the planet and for its future generations. Therefore, INTERACTION has updated Q-CONNECT’s core values: the ambition is to become a sustainable alternative to the big brands in our industry. To make this public, Q-CONNECT is launching a pan-European marketing campaign.

A clever pan-European marketing campaign

To celebrate the 25th anniversary and the beginning of the new era, they are simultaneously launching a clever 360° marketing campaign across 21 countries to introduce their new baseline. Q-CONNECT, the leading provider of office supplies and solutions, is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking Pan-European campaign, crafted in collaboration with Cojak and 14 member countries across the continent. This remarkable partnership has resulted in a campaign that transcends borders, connecting businesses and individuals across Europe with Q-CONNECT’s exceptional range of office products.

(the making of the campaign images)

The Conscious Choice for your sustainable workplace

For 25 years the Q-CONNECT® brand has been Europe’s brand of choice for affordable and reliable business supplies. We positioned their brand to make the workday of their customers as productive and comfortable as possible. This also means that they need to adapt to new requirements, changing working environments and evolution in our society. We are facing numerous social, economical, and environmental challenges that we need to tackle. As a leading company, it is their duty to be proactive in tackling these worldwide challenges.

S.D.G. & Brand Strategy

Almost 2 years of dedicated strategic work results in a completely new and conscious brand approach. We have completely repositioned the brand around sustainability. With a 360° view we focus on the whole supply chain. From now on Q-CONNECT’s ambition is to be a brand that is not only reliable, convenient and contemporary but conscious and fair as well. We have used the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to create our roadmap, making sure they stay on track. ”

(the European members brainstorming during our brand positioning sessions in Frankfurt.)

The Q-CONNECT Ecological and Sustainable Charter

Together with all European members we have worked out the Q-CONNECT® Ecological and Social Responsibility Charter as a guideline of our ecological and social responsibility journey.

Visit the Q-CONSCIOUS website to learn all about the driving forces behind their commitment, the strides they have taken so far, and their vision for the future.

Introducing Q-CONNECT’s Groundbreaking Pan-European Marketing Campaign: rolled out in Collaboration with 14 Countries!


This groundbreaking Pan-European campaign, born from the collaboration between Q-CONNECT, Cojak, and 14 countries, marks a new era of connectivity and innovation in the office supplies industry. Together, we have created a campaign that not only showcases Q-CONNECT’s exceptional products but also celebrates the rich tapestry of European cultures. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we revolutionize the office experience across the continent, one country at a time.

4 target groups, 4 stories

Q-CONNECT, the leading provider of office supplies and solutions, is thrilled to unveil its dynamic Pan-European campaign designed to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. With a range of four captivating campaign images, each targeting a specific group of individuals, Q-CONNECT aims to bring convenience, efficiency, and style to offices across Europe.

The Organizer Hero:

Efficiency is the name of the game for office assistants, and Q-CONNECT has got you covered. Our campaign image for the office assistant showcases a comprehensive selection of organizational tools, ergonomic furniture, and time-saving gadgets. From desk organizers to digital assistants, Q-CONNECT ensures that you stay on top of your game and maximize productivity.

The Creative Innovator:

The idea behind the image: ‘How creative are you?’ For the trailblazing creative minds, Q-CONNECT is their Clever To-do Companion for 25 years. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas or bringing them to life, Q-CONNECT provides the tools you need to unleash your creativity and fuel innovation.

The Eco-Conscious marketing nomad:

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Q-CONNECT proudly supports eco-friendly practices. This campaign image speaks directly to environmentally conscious individuals, offering a selection of recycled and responsibly sourced office supplies. From recycled paper to energy-efficient devices, Q-CONNECT empowers you to make a positive impact on the planet without compromising quality.

The Clever Sales Team:

How convincing are you? Q-CONNECT is your companion to make your next sales-pitch / presentation a success. The Q-CONNECT campaign image for the sales team shows a range of products that helps them ‘tick all the boxes’ in sales pitches. Q-CONNECT is the smart to-do companion for a sales team to achieve exceptional results while keeping costs under control.

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