COSH! Conscious shopping made easy

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COSH is conscious shopping made easy!

When you as a shopper read something about the unethical working conditions, or water scarcity, poisoned rivers and soil erosion due to the fashion industry in your favourite magazine or on tv. You become aware of the pollution and inhumane working conditions. You pledge to make a change and you download the COSH! app.



Name & logo design


APP design

Thé Pokémon GO of sustainable shopping

When you then go shopping, (if wanted, we alert you when we notice you are approaching the high streets), we can guide you real-time and location-based to a more ethical and planet-friendly choice. We display our store ranking in a very minimal form. When you hold up your phone in front of a store, you discover the good brands or product lines they are selling.

In the future we will expand our COSH app to a multi-platform. The COSH plug-in will advise you on a more sustainable brand when shopping online. In a next fase we will implement features on advising you on product level.




Positionering: positieve rebel / Power to the people / Conscious is the new rock ‘n roll .
Look & feel: Bold, flashy, let’s make this statement visually stick. Graphical duotones with bold geometrics.
Personae: Green Pioniers, Eco Warriors, Fashionista’s.
Campaign baseline: Let’s COSH things up!




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