Always ask: why?

We don't get started if we don't have a solid answer to a simple but often tricky question: why do you do it? What do you contribute? The answer reflects your raison d'être and for us it is the starting point of our job. Lift off.


Relevance is king!

Step 2, stick to your roots. Focus only on what has value for your organisation. Make this socially relevant and communicate about it. Point of no return.


Be true, never greenwash.

We don't do window dressing. Not even for the design of a shop window. If you only use sustainability as a green signboard, you will be punished. Because communication always reflects who you really are. Don't take our word for it, but if you do greenwash, you are food for the hungry lions. Walk the talk.


Do well by doing good.

The match ecology - economy is the only proper brand strategy. CSR and economic success are the both-and story. It is the driving force for all alert entrepreneurs. And communicating well about it is a win-win. For it gives a meaningful boost to your brand and to the world.


There are no consumers.

Bold statement, but we delete the word consumer from our vocabulary. It implies that you judge your audience as passive beings who mindlessly swallow your messages. To us, that lacks respect. From now on, 'consumer' is an outdated marketing term invented by 'Mad-Men-agencies'. You communicate WITH your audience, WITH your supporters, WITH everyone. Do this with total dedication because it is your raison d'être.


it's a WE-world!

Community-driven management is the engine of the new economy. An organisation that looks to the future takes the community as its starting point and not the individual. i-Pods, i-Pads, i-World, ..., we have had enough of them. They are the i's of industrial heritage. Think WE-pod, WE-phone, WE-pad. Think WEconomy! We must do business on the basis of the WE-WORLD. Shareability is the new driver! It creates new business opportunities, it boosts co-operation and it stimulates new forms of sharing.


Your brand is what they say it is.

You are only relevant when your audience believes in your story. So we don't shout from an ivory tower. We make room for their input, listen to their motives and we don't ignore them. It's 2-way or no-way. So be open to input, communicate clearly and don't forget to converse. Everyone will be richer for it.


Being meaningful is the key.

Meaningful marketing, that's what it's all about for us. As an entrepreneur of the future, you want to be proactive and respond quickly to change. By positioning your brand meaningfully, you play an assertive role in the social playing field and work on positive changes that determine a better future. That is how your brand creates impact. Not only your sales figures will benefit, but also society. Be meaningful and you will find your bliss.


The revolution will not be televised

Of course, change starts with you. It is up to you to take the first step. You only start your communication when you use the social impact of your brand as a compass. Make your Mark: your mantra for your new brand story.


happy people, better world.

And finally, we resolutely choose the laugh and leave the stick in the forest. No matter how hard your story. If you want to trigger people or make them take action, give them a thumbs up and reward them with a smile. That's what we choose to do, always. #Happy!


start a conversation that matters.

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