Brand positioning & Brand Design for the merge of 2 IP agencies


We guide the merger of of 2 ip bureaus and we positioned and designed the new brand identity for winger. At Cojak we work closely with clients like winger to redefine their brand identity based on an conscious business model at different stages of growth. our expertise includes brand equity, positioning, identity, communications and (digital) marketing campaigns.

Winger’s brand journey

  • Collaborative brand redefinition: Cojak and Winger worked together to redefine Winger’s brand identity.
  • Strategic workshop: We kicked off with a strategic workshop to define Winger’s unique market position and ambitions.
  • Visual inspiration: Creating a mood board provided visual inspiration and ensured alignment with Winger’s vision and values.
  • Dynamic brand identity: we developed a fresh, dynamic brand identity in line with Winger’s values and ambitions.
  • Brand Passport creation: We carefully compiled Winger’s Brand Passport, a comprehensive guide that summarises their identity and values and guides them in their marketing and communication actions.
  • Digital web presence: Leveraging our expertise, we developed Winger’s digital presence and created a clean and attractive online platform to showcase their new brand identity and services.

Design & Development of their Digital Web Presence

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