Deep Evolvement

Brand positioning a deep learning platform


Deep Evolvement wants to create social value as a brand. The common thread in their communication is to create deep societal change.


Our approach proved immediately successful

Deep branding.

Deep Evolvement is methodology that is thoroughly grounded and the client wants to internationalise. But a strong brand story and image are lacking. The stakeholders went through a long process with different branding agencies and the results were not satisfying. The focus was mainly on creating a name, baseline and visual identity. Cojak was commissioned and our deep brand approach transformed their brand path into a successtory.



Our brand methodology allowed us to correctly delineate the ambitions and set the right context for the brand during 2 workshops. The new name and identity had fertile ground to germinate quickly. Deep Evolvement fit like a glove and the brand was further strategically developed. The client followed our ‘Brand Identity’ training course to master our methodology and brand approach themselves.

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