Cojak is your dedicated communication expert with more than 20 years of field experience. We know the online and offline marketing drill, we have gone bald from it 😎. We help our clients to unlock their full brand potential and make them prosperous. It’s our goal to install their very best brand strategy and provide an outstanding, meaningful marketing plan. We go beyond the necessary (digital) marketing tactics. Together we will make your mark matter.

"It is our ambition to turn strong brands into meaningful ones and to turn meaningful organisation into strong brands. Seeing our clients make their mark on the world is what makes us glow."
- Filip Bullens, Jack Cojak -

We offer you scheme


Do you have a clear vision on how your organisation will thrive tomorrow? How it will stay meaningful economically, socially and innovatively? More and more your customers choose blooming brands with a meaningful message above brands that only sell a good product or service. And Positioning an inspiring organisation nowadays takes a lot more than just a good marketing strategy. It requires in depth knowledge of all aspects of your business. To truly become a thriving brand you need an experienced investigator, a communication wizard who connects the dots, reveals your authentic brand identity and gives you the secret keys to translate your story into compelling marketing. In short, you need Cojak.

Play your cards.

First, it’s up to you to realise that in order to become meaningful you need to challenge your status quo and take action. If you choose to do so we will offer you the right sparks and we will guide you into your quest to become a relevant brand. We crystallized our knowledge into a pragmatic method: the 5 steps to become a meaningful brand.


Find your genuine relevance, turn your story into a meaningful brand identity and deliver inspiring communication to reach your marketing goals and full potential.

We will work closely together and form a strategic team. Our goal is to find your authenticity, your true mark. We will not rest until you have found your marketing magic and we can let you make your mark .

1. Analyse

Know your place in the world and you will make the right choices.


Before you begin your brand journey be smart and analyse your world profoundly. Brainstorm and make a blue print of your organisation. Learn how your brand is perceived, both internally & externally. Seek for the threads to overcome. Pinpoint your relevance to society and your future targets.

2. Define

If you don't know yourself, what will you tell?


When you know where your brand compass will navigate you, it is time to search for your true identity. Your brand character sets your identity, your audience defines who you are. Know your public: define your main target groups, know their influencers and map their communities. Find that connection.

3. Translate

Stick to your roots, know your plot.


You now have every card in your hand to write down that unique storyline. Define your central tagline and your tone of voice, make marketing guidelines how to communicate and set down your standards for your brand identity.

4. Create

Find what it takes to convince the world that you are special.


Our Brand Lieutenants are sparkling with ideas to shape your brand identity. We use our creative knowledge to conjure your brand design. We create a matching brand identity, baseline and a creative marketing concepts to show the world that you have become a meaningful brand.

5. Communicate

Whisper your name, shout out your story and make your mark.


You are ready to conquer your world. But don’t get lost! You need a clear communication roadmap to convince your audience effectively and to reach your targets. Be lean and agile, be s.m.a.r.t., be wise and know your marketing journey (don't forget data driven reality checks!). And yes, you will make your magic happen, you will make your mark...


If they are happy, we are too

"Cojak makes you realise what it is really all about, their methodology digs deep and is very motivating. Together we came to the real basis of our whole marketing story. Cojak's vision simply works!"

Thomas Simono - Mirto
Orchestrator Sales, Marketing, Innovation & IT

star "Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions."
Noot van de auteur: het simultaan gebruik van het Nederlands & het Engels stimuleert de prefrontale cortex, #probably