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establishing your brand in today’s dynamic market demands more than just savvy (digital) marketing. It requires a comprehensive understanding of your entire business and crafting messages that resonate deeply with customers who value meaningful, thriving brands.

To ensure your brand stands out and thrives, you need an experienced communications wizard who connects the dots and reveals your true brand essence. This expert will skillfully turn your unique story into appealing marketing strategies and ensure that your message not only reaches your audience, but also connects with them.

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We don’t just create brand identities, we forge lasting connections.
5 reasons why we stand out in the crowd:

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1. Expertise in Transition: Cojak specializes in guiding companies through pivotal transitions, offering strategic insights to future-proof businesses against evolving challenges.

2. Personalized Strategy: We offer a bespoke ‘5 Steps To Make Your Mark’ methodology, tailored to your brand’s unique journey and challenges.

3. Purpose-Driven Approach: We dive deep to find your brand’s core purpose, ensuring your communication and marketing strategies are not just effective but meaningful.

4. Collaborative Growth: Our approach is highly collaborative, engaging with founders, marketing teams, and our Brand Lieutenants to spark innovative solutions and transformative growth.

5. Visionary Impact: Jack Cojak brings visionary leadership, challenging and working closely with clients to ensure that every company we partner with makes a significant, lasting mark.

What do we offer?

Tailored Packages

Our packages are designed with every business in mind, from startups aiming to establish their brand to established companies looking for a transformative rebranding. Each journey begins with a personalised intake meeting, ensuring we tailor our approach to meet your specific goals and priorities.


  • strategic Brand workshops
  • Communication coaching
  • SDG workshops
  • Market insights


  • Brand identity
  • Design & creation
  • Marketing coordination
  • (Digital) marketing campaigns

1. Strategy Package: Sharpen your brand’s direction

2. branding package: Craft your brand’s essence, identity, and marketing blueprint.

3. Full Package: All-in partnership to make your mark

The Brand check: OK, your strategy is meaningfully on track

4. Jumpstart: we translate, create
& communicate

“It is my ambition to turn strong brands into meaningful marks and to turn meaningful organisations into strong brands. Seeing my clients make their mark is what makes me glow.”

Filip Bullens / jack cojak.

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Meet Filip Bullens aka Jack Cojak:
Your DEDICATED Brand Strategist & Communications Craftsman.

who is Jack Cojak?

This what a good client wrote:

“Jack, the force behind Cojak, isn’t just a brand strategist; he’s your partner in crafting memorable brand experiences. Committed to empowering your brand, Jack wants to make your mark matter.

Jack’s keen eye for detail and simplicity sees potential in every company to leave a lasting impact. Jack understands the importance of creating authentic connections with your audience.

With Jack, you gain a dedicated companion to make your mark. You will craft a brand strategy that serves as the blueprint for all your future brand communication.

Your success is his passion and he will ignite your brand’s magic spark.”

The Method.

5 steps TO
make your mark

We designed a pragmatic methodology to guide you on a transformative journey, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive landscape. We are truly committed to your cause & elevating your brand to blossom, thrive and shine.

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In-depth research and BRAND analysis workshops to identify opportunities, set goals and define the brand’s uniqueness TO MAKE YOUR MARK MATTER.



strategic workshops
SDG workshop
Market insights
Brand positioning

find YOUR sweet spot AND

Jack Cojak

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✓ Clear brand positioning: Define a unique and compelling brand positioning that sets the brand apart from competitors.

✓ Data-driven decisions: Make informed decisions based on data and research, ensuring strategies are rooted in evidence and insights.

✓ Identified market gaps: Discover untapped areas in the market where the brand can make a significant impact.

✓ Discovery of brand opportunities: Uncover potential avenues for growth and expansion based on market analysis.

✓ Aligned strategies with business goals: Ensure that the brand’s strategies are aligned with its long-term business objectives.

✓ Set a strong foundation: Lay the groundwork for developing a successful and effective brand strategy in subsequent steps.

✓ Make your mark Matter: find the opportunities but also the responsibilities to do well for the planet and help preserving it for future generations.


We work closely with your team to design a 'brand compass' that defines your core identity and brand positioning to be relevant to your audience.



Branding workshops
Brand compass

“Values give opportunities,
seizing opportunities needs character,
Character shapes your personality
Personality builds connection,
Connection seals the deal.”

Jack Cojak

Let's make your mark

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✓ X-ray of your brand identity: Defined the brand’s core essence, values, and personality, creating a unique and authentic identity.

✓ Foundation for brand expression: Provided a solid foundation for all future brand communication and creative endeavors.

✓ Aligned vision and values: Ensured that the brand’s vision and values are closely aligned with its purpose and mission.

✓ Compelling brand narrative: Crafted a captivating and cohesive brand story that resonates with the target audience.

✓ Strong brand positioning: Established a distinct and compelling brand positioning that sets the brand apart from competitors.

✓ Consistent brand messaging: Created key messages and a defined tone of voice that reflect the brand’s personality and values.

✓ Focused decision-making: Equipped the communication team with a clear blueprint for making decisions in subsequent steps.sful and effective brand strategy in subsequent steps.

✓ Emotional connection with the audience: Developed a strong emotional connection between the brand and its target audience.


Turn your brand strategy into a compelling 'Brand Passport', your blueprint for all your connective communications. Define your realistic marketing strategy to get things done.



Marketing workshops
Brand Passport
Brand identity

“play your cards - create that unique hand which becomes the inspiration for a brand identity that not only plays the game, but defines it with impact. It’s time to make your mark.”

Jack Cojak

Let's make your mark

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✓ Strategic Marketing Roadmap: Developed a clear and targeted marketing roadmap based on insights from workshops and client input.

✓ Informed Design Decisions: Utilized gathered information to make informed decisions in crafting the brand’s visual and messaging elements.

✓ Holistic Brand Identity: The translated roadmap serves as the foundation for designing a cohesive brand identity that aligns with strategic marketing objectives.

✓ Efficient Decision-Making: The translated blueprint streamlines the decision-making process, guiding the creation of a brand identity that is both impactful and purposeful.

✓ Preparation for Success: With your cards in hand, this roadmap sets the stage not just for a marketing campaign but for sealing the deal — forging a lasting and impactful connection with your public.


Bring your new brand positioning and marketing roadmap to life by developing convincing concepts and executing successful marketing campaigns.



Concept Development
Brand Assets Design
Campaign Ideation
Content Creation
(Digital) Campaign Strategy

“It’s the alchemy of data, creativity and strategy that transforms brands into marks.”

Jack Cojak

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✓ Compelling Concepts: Developed innovative and captivating concepts that breathe life into the brand’s messaging and identity.

✓ Cohesive Brand Assets: Designed visually appealing brand assets, including logos and visuals, ensuring a consistent and memorable brand presentation.

✓ Unified Campaigns: Executed well-coordinated marketing campaigns across diverse channels, creating a seamless and impactful brand experience.

✓ (Digital) Campaign strategy: design targeted digital marketing campaigns, utilizing diverse online channels for maximum impact.

✓ Engaging Content: Crafted content that not only captures attention but deeply resonates with the target audience, fostering a meaningful connection.

✓ Measurable Impact: Achieved measurable success through executed campaigns, driving increased engagement, traffic, and positive brand perception.


We coach your communication plan, align team strategies and use the sprint method for efficient execution.



Full-Service Execution
On-Demand Teams

 “Whisper your name, shout out your story and make your rock roll.”

Jack Cojak

Let's make your mark

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✓ Communication Plan Coaching: Collaborative sessions to refine and enhance the client’s communication plan for maximum impact.

✓ Team Meetings Organization: Facilitation of regular communication/marketing team meetings to ensure alignment and strategic coordination.

✓ Marketing Team Coaching: Expert guidance provided directly to the client’s marketing team for skill enhancement and strategic optimization.

✓ Full-Service Execution: A comprehensive service option where our team handles every aspect of brand communication, from strategy to implementation.

✓ Sprint Method Implementation: Utilization of the sprint method for efficient and focused execution, ensuring tasks are completed in short, targeted bursts.

✓ Strategic Alignment: Continuous efforts to align communication strategies with overarching business goals and brand vision.

✓ Impact Assessment: Regular evaluation of communication efforts to measure impact, refine strategies, and optimize for sustained success.

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